Must-Have Skills of a Customer Service Representative

August 9, 2019 / GuidesFor Team

Customer service representatives need to be skilled in various fields in order to implement the goals of a company. Call Centre Helper emphasizes the ten most important skills in customer service.  Fact-finding is considered to be one of the most important customer service skills. It goes hand in hand with problem-solving skills as an agent needs to provide solutions to the concern of a client. It is emphasized in the article that it is not prescriptive. An agent must be able to provide a solution that is customer-centric. Emotional intelligence is also highlighted. It is significant in its relationship with the agent’s productivity. It is true that some might be better in this field, but everyone can be coached into having a better level of emotional intelligence. Read on for more. ~~ Lornajane Altura

Read the source article at Call Centre Helper Magazine

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