How to Improve Employee Engagement To Boost Customer Service Quality

November 25, 2018 / GuidesFor Team

It’s understood that customer service benefits the client but employees’ ease of use and overall experience at work is integral to business success. Customer service, like any other industry, is a two-way street; there needs to be a comfortable environment and positive interaction from and towards both the employee and the customer. Low morale and outdated tools will make work more tedious and difficult for your agents. Did you know that 49 percent of employers, according to Deloitte Human Capital Trends don’t have a plan in place which aims to cultivate the skills needed in a workplace populated by both humans and machines? In the same manner, 44 percent of consumers take their business elsewhere due to a poor experience, notes NewVoiceMedia. Learn more about how to engage employees to help ensure the customer experience is always at its optimum levels. – Silvana Peters

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